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In the past, the Museum’s in-water gallery, exhibits and events have been limited by a lack of dock space. The Thousand Islands Boat Museum (TIBM) docks were built and made possible an expanded boat show and parade, sailing school, in-water floating exhibits, boat rentals, cultural events, and much more. The beautifully varnished Museum boats love the sunshine, but as most things in life, moderation is often necessary. That why the Museum is building a real home for its boats and activities!

The dock project was approved by the Town of Gananoque in 2014. Through the generosity and long-term commitment of the founding Board, private donors, the Thousand Islands Community Development Corporation, the Antique Boat Museum, and local businesses, extensive docks were developed and constructed in 2015/2016. In addition, a 24 foot wide floating breakwater was constructed and installed to protect the structure, and to provide a safe environment for in-water activity.

The addition of a boat port is underway to complete the in-water cultural centre and become the centerpiece of the TIBM, and a Gananoque landmark.

Together with the TIBM the community is creating a sense of place that brings the heritage of the region alive!

Project Funding:
The new waterfront gallery was made possible by the generousity of private donors and the support of the Federally funded Thousand Islands Community Development Corporation and of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Wow! Sincere thanks to all!

83% Private donors
12% Federal
5% Provincial

Regulatory Approvals:

Town of Gananoque
Transport Canada
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Cataraqui CRegion Conservation Authority


Bringing the heritage of the St. Lawrence River, the 1000 Islands, and the magic spirit of the region to life.


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